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If you need any information or quotation about the services ECO-RIGEN offers, please contact at

Eco-Rigen S.r.l.Site:
Contrada Piana del Signore
c/o Raffineria di Gela, 93012
C.P. 61 Gela Centro

Tel: +39(0)933.846005/846308/846082

Fax: +39 (0)933.846067

Our team of operators, technicians, engineers, and the entire administrative department is ready in order to offer you the best in ex situ catalyst regeneration reactivation and sulfiding.

You will be able to contact directly by dialing the internal number as the automatic answer machine starts:

Name Int.Num.   Name Int.Num.
Abbate Marco 200 Impellizzeri Andrea 233
Aliotta Andrea 209 Italiano Giuseppe 217-237
Antona Giuseppe 231 La Manna Gianluca 214
Bonfissuto Giulio 203 Romano Alessia 208
Calvo Luana 230 Romano Loredana 216
Cannadoro Antonella 202 Sutera Sardo Giovanna 205
Cannadoro Nuccia 206 Tiberio Terzo 213
Costa Gerlando 210 Tilaro Tatiana 228
Costanzo Angelo 220 Valerì Francis 212
D'Amaro Giovanni 217-237 Viglianti Ezio A. 204