Core activities

Our Core Activities help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce cost (catalyst expense budget) by reusing regenerated/REACTivated catalyst rather than purchase fresh;
  • The best possible activity recovery by our Regeneration and REACT ™ treatments
  • The easiest & best possible activation by our Sulfiding techniques

Maximize reuse of catalyst driven either by cost effective pressures (regenerate catalyst cost less than 1/3 of fresh activity is 90-95%) and by increasing of inventory due to a stringent environmental legislation on lower sulfur specifications.

Able is not considered waste and it can be reused inside reactors as long as is active. This means that Refineries can avoid to buy a new batch and dispose the old one: which implies less waste.

Answer to the needs of refineries and our professional management is essential to ensure optimal timing of the refiners. We are proud to say that our core business is given by: